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Find out more about us, who we are, our Academy, our Camps, our English, Spanish and German courses, classes, grinds and programs. Get to know how much pride we take in being more than simply another academy, how we are creating a social active community for fellow learners and achievers and much much more!

Spanish for Juniors

Classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker using tailored methods of education which children react to very positively and can contribute greatly in each child's development

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English for All

Each course is designed specifically with clear aims and objectives to ensure each student makes enjoys good progress with each course and program.

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Junior & Leaving Cert German

Our German classes consist of private grinds & small groups, with no more than six student per class. Your success....

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Diploma in Spanish

The DELE (Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera) offers the only internationally accredited certificate that is officially recognized as a qualification for proficiency...

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T.Y Spanish

Our Spanish courses consist of small student groups only, with no more than six student per class.

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Leaving & Junior Cert Spanish

Our Exam focused tuition is taught by native enthusiastic tutors who inspire the maximum potential, because of small classes

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Hosting a Student

Host Families play a vital part in the success of our guests stay. Our host partners are ordinary families with children who are willing to engage themselves in an invaluable..

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Aprender Inglés en Irlanda

Leir organiza cursos de inglés en Irlanda, sea cual sea la edad, los objetivos o la personalidad del estudiante nosotros ofrecemos el mejor servicio personalizado.

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É stato un mese intenso. Voglio ringraziarvi ancora per averla fatta felice, dice che l’anno prossimo vuole restare per piú tempo!
Cuando llegué me costó mucho adaptarme. Me ahogué en un vaso de agua, porque no hablaba inglés, pero a los dos o tres días me fuá adaptando. Ya entendía y hablaba un poco más. Es una experiencia muy bonita, por que conoces a gente y convives con ellos y aprendes inglés. Yo lo repetiría una y mil veces más. PD: Os echo de menos.

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