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Host Family Zone

Have you ever considered being a host family? Hosting one of our students, and by doing so offering them the opportunity to share your family life, can be very rewarding in so many ways. If you would like to find out more, please visit our "Host Family Zone" here you will find an abundance of information and of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Hosting a student: more information

Hosting a student with Leir is not difficult, however like most things concerning children or minors there are criteria to be met. What’s involved once your guest has arrived couldn’t be easier…. Simply, treat him or her as you would treat and care for your own children. Your guest has chosen to stay with an Irish family in a natural family environment to gain full benefit of the experience, to take part in a normal daily routine. For much more information, please visit 'More Information" where again we have a lot of information and further particulars which might be of interest.

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Spanish Camps Ireland

If like us, you understand it is not always easy to keep children and teenagers amused or entertained during the summer period, especially if they have friends or siblings who may be attending school or doing exams. This is exactly the reason why we came up with ‘Spanish Camps Ireland’ and being based in Kildare what better place to start than locally. in Newbridge to be precise.

This (2016) was our first year to provide a summer camp concept. It was important that it was a stimulating and fun environment where children and teenagers who have an interest in language can come and learn in the most natural way possible and without tests and exams. This year both camps were held in Sarsfields GAA. Newbridge and by all accounts was tremendous success, so much so we hope to have three in 2017.

We hope this snippet of information has gone someway in providing you with sufficient details and will help you evaluate the benefits of becoming a Leir host family, take part in any of our classes, programs and camps. If you have any questions, thoughts or comments please feel free to contact us, or you can register your host family interest here or please feel free to call Peter at 086-2653548


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