English for All....

  • Welcome to our 'Leir Language Academy'
  • As an Au-pair or a foreign national in Ireland do you struggle to understand us?
  • Is it frustrating trying to explain yourself in everyday situations?
  • Do family, friends or the local shopkeeper struggle to understand you?

Our English for All programs are specifically designed for to help non-native English speakers gain the confidence to hold a conversation about any subject in a fun, friendly and informative way. 

Of course, with diversity and different nationalities does come issues of language, integration and communication and this is how we at Leir Education can help. We don't only educate for the purpose of sitting examinations, we also place great emphases on the ability of being able to hold a conversation, to talk with confidence, to be understood and understand in equal measure.

  • € 10.00 per hour (Group Rate)
  • € 30.00 per hour (Private rate, 2 hrs per week)
  • € 25.00 per hour (Private rate, 3 or more hrs per week)

Currently our English courses called 'English for All' and 'English Exam Preparation' programs are broken into two main categories, these are itemized below:

  • English for All: Our general English conversation course is suitable from the absolute beginner, but wishing to improve and converse with confidence.
    • Cambridge English levels
      • Beginner / Elementary - A1
      • Elementary / Lower-intermediate - KET (A2)
  • Exam preparation English: Our exam preparation course is primarily focused the Cambridge levels with options to progress and develop further...
    • Cambridge English levels
      • Lower-intermediate - PET (B1)
      • Intermediate - PET (B1)
      • Upper-intermediate - FCE (B2)
      • Advanced - CAE (C1)

Why not test you level and best the best solution for you HERE

Class days and times are as below but as they are subject to change, please contact us to confirm in advance. 

  • Morning classes: English conversation and Cambridge levels
    • Monday to Friday - 09:30 to 11:30 (2 hours per day)
  • Evening classes - English exam preparation: Cambridge PET & FCE Levels
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays - 19:30 to 21:30 (4 hours per week)
  • Evening classes - English exam preparation: Cambridge PET Levels
    • Wednesdays - 19:30 to 21:30 (2 hours per week)
  • Private English classes: All levels, Flexible times with various options available, please contact us for further information

General Course Content - English for All.....

Each course is designed specifically with clear aims and objectives to ensure each student makes enjoys good progress with each course and program. All main areas necessary for completion of our courses are are covered which include the following

  • Reading and Writing,
  • Speaking and Listening,
  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation in addition to these with all other key areas covered.

We place a very large significance on our students becoming more confident with an increased knowledge and fluency in speaking English. 

All our courses and classes are taught through interaction and always within a relaxed atmosphere and approach. Students are encouraged to ask questions, to participate and get involved fully in each class and the educational process.  We are fully committed to the highest standards of teaching, ensure that each student learns and progresses in a supportive, friendly and caring environment. This is something we monitor very carefully and each student’s progress is analysed to ensure that he/she is achieving their maximum potential. Our classes a kept small in numbers with a maximum of only 10 students per class this helps with greater interaction and progress!

On the First Day and before any class each student must do a short written exam in order for us to ascertain the appropriate English level for each student.

So, how is your English?

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Open a world of possibilities with Leir!

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