Grinds & Exam preparation

Our approach to the Leaving and Junior Cert exams at all levels is about being positive and proactive but also enjoyable; and as a result achieving that success is easier and more relevant to each students needs. 

Our Exam focused tuition is taught by experienced native enthusiastic tutors who inspire their students to achieve maximum potential, because of small classes this allows us to adapted our methods to the specific needs of our students, so enhancing everyone's potential. 

In addition to exam preparation programs, we help students to understand and work on their school curriculum, working with visual and audio aids this help us form a better understanding of all needs. We give work based on past papers to familiarise every student with the format of the exams, as well as giving them notes to revise. Classes can be private pr small groups with a maximum of 6.

Grinds & Group Classes available include:

  • Junior & Leaving Cert English (Ordinary & higher level)
  • Junior & Leaving Cert Spanish (Ordinary & higher level)
  • Junior & Leaving Cert German (Ordinary & higher level)
  • Groups of three or more are €15.00 per hour maximum of six per group
  • Private one-to-one's are €30 per hour for two hours per week
  • Private one-to-one's are €25 per hour for three or more hours per week

So don't let those exam jitters get you down. Contact us have a chat, lets see if we can help you, your son or daughter improve, gain confidence and get the maximum results possible.

Open a world of possibilities with Leir!

Spanish, English & German courses for groups, individuals, Exam grinds and preparation catering for Children, Adults and Teens of all levels!