Italian for Adults

  • Been to Italy on your holidays?
  • Struggled to ask the locals for directions?
  • Were you confused what to order for lunch or how to order a drink?
  • Even reading road signs even can be a chore!

Well maybe we have the answer! Our Italian for Adults or as it has been christened recently "Italian for Holidays" is a fun conversational based method of learning. Our tutors are native speakers who provide a fun and natural way of learning while helping you get the very best from the language and in turn increasing your confidence and enjoyment.

  • Limited class size - Maximum of 10 per class
  • Classes suitable for male and female
  • All levels are welcome
Italian for Adults
  • € 10.00 per hour (Group Rate)

We are always interested in groups so if you, your family or friends would like to join us or form a class why not contact us, we'd love to hear from you. As well as learning, your classes will be a great sociable experience and a great fun way to prepare for your next Italian holiday!

Open a world of possibilities with Leir!

Spanish, English & Italian courses for groups, individuals, grinds & exam preparation all tailored to suit Children, Adults & Teens all taught by native speakers!

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