Spanish for Juniors

Children can be like sponges, and in a modern world the use and knowledge of other languages is growing, and very quickly speaking an other language on a daily basis has now become the norm, rather then exception. Educate your children early with our Spanish for Juniors and they will benefit for life!

Classes are taught by a native Spanish speaker using tailored methods of education which children react to very positively and can contribute greatly in each child's development and can enhance their learning capability while maintaining the key elements of fun and curiosity!  

  • Classes are suitable for both boys and girls
  • Ages range from 4 - 8 & 9 - 12
  • All levels and abilities are welcomed
  • € 10.00 per class
  • € 30.00 per hour (Private rate, 2 hrs per week)
  • € 25.00 per hour (Private rate, 3 or more hrs per week)

Currently we run two 'Spanish for Junior' course's both on Mondays as follows:

  • Beginner level from 18:00 - 19:00 (Mon)

  • Intermediate level from 19:00 - 20:00 (Mon)

  • Classes are only €10.00 per 1 hour class group rate

  • Private grinds and intensive lessons €30.00 per hour (2 hrs per week) or €25.00 per hour (3 or more hrs per week)

Open a world of possibilities with Leir!

Spanish, English & German courses for groups, individuals, Exam grinds and preparation catering for Children, Adults and Teens of all levels!