Rosa is a Spanish native from the beautiful Ireland of Mallorca, she has been living in Ireland for over 24 years and is married to Peter whom together formed Leir in 2013. At this stage almost a Kildare local Rosa runs and coordinates the academic department of Leir Education alongside Peter.

Rosa also teaches our 'Spanish for Juniors' our 'T.Y. Spanish and teens' and our 'Juniors & Leaving Cert Exam Preparation' Classes and all within her role of Academy director and mother;

It is as an experienced academic and teacher that Rosa excels in her natural ability & quality that only gifted and talented educators have.

It's the ability to help students improve, grow, achieve and believe in themselves and their success that is truly wonderful.

Rosa can be contact at head office or by email at

Open a world of possibilities with Leir!

Spanish, English & German courses for groups, individuals, Exam grinds and preparation catering for Children, Adults and Teens of all levels!